Dear families,

Itís so sad and overwhelming to know the school is going to be closed next year, My heart goes to all the students. I wish all of us a wonderful summer and good luck with enrollment to new schools. If anyone needs a recommendation for a student, Iíll be more than happy to do so.
I also give Hebrew lessons during the summer if anyone is interested.

So letís now look at the bright side of life, Matanís father, Mr. Yoked,  is hosting us for a Kosher BBQ party at his residence. We are going to have fun activities, good food, speeches, and music. (please see the invitation below).

Thank you for all your hard work with the children, thank you for your cooperation with me throughout the year, thank you for your beautiful gifts, thank you for having faith, and putting your trust in me to take care of all your children's needs in class and around school.

I love each and one you, Iím blessed to have you in my world. I will cherish every moment in my heart.

With much love,

Morah Carmeli  

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