I am delighted to bring to your attention the recent launch of the US chain of Michal Negrin. As we are sure you are aware, Michal Negrinís products are 100% made in Israel and 100% designed in Israel. Every piece of jewelry, every garment, every accessory and every Judaica product are made in her workshop outside of Tel Aviv. The first store of a planned chain of 24 stores opened in June in the Garden State Plaza Mall. Last month, the second store opened in SoHo.

The Michal Negrin USA team are excited to promote the economy of the State of Israel. We believe that by launching the first nationwide chain of Israeli Jewelry and Fashion, will create a test-case for other successful Israeli artists to bring their products to North America. If we do our job right, within 10 years, most Americans will have access to Israeli gifts and goods in a short driving distance.
In the last few weeks, we have been approached by several Jewish organizations in New Jersey, asking to include Michal Negrin products in raffles, auctions and gift bags for major events. We have also been asked to host cocktail parties in our stores and have a portion of sales allocated to pro-Israeli causes. Noam, our CEO and myself, as the Chief Passion Officer and the person in charge of marketing, will do our best to respond favorably to any such requests.

Michal was recently quoted in the Israeli press saying that she believes that almost every home in Israel has a Michal Negrin piece, whether it is a necklace, a Mezuzah, an evening gown or a handbag. If you are not familiar with the brand, the products and Michalís magic, please drop by our store in Garden State Plaza Mall (run by Sharona), or by our store on 95 Spring Street (run by Talya). They will be happy to introduce you to Michalís world.

Please drop me a line, personally, if you would like to discuss ways we can help your organization raise funds while spreading the word about our presence.
LeíShanah Tova Umetuka,

Ilanit Habot
Chief Passion Officer

Michal Negrin USA

Facebook: Michal Negrin USA