Nadiv, our youngest son, is 14 years old, an honor student and very talented and passionate about his music. He plays piano so beautifully -  his Trumpet teacher and music director praise him! Nadiv is dreaming to join the Professional "Raiders" Marching band on this coming November.
We wish we could make it come true, but all our budget went towards Ocean's and Etgar's (his sister and brother) college expenses. If you find it in your heart and you appreciate young talented musicians, please take a moment of your time to follow the link by clicking on the INDIEGOGO image below, and learn more about this cause.

As many of you know me personally, I always helped everyone who asked me to, I volunteer in a few non-profit organizations and donate my creative and graphic design talent for their needs, I support families at their most difficult times by cooking, supporting and keeping them company in their sad hours. For some individuals I created fundraising events and helped them with the best I could.

Never I asked anything for myself… but for the love I have for my son… and my wish to make his dream come true, I found the courage, a last..  I do…  I ask for your help…

With much appreciation,