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Background-Executive Summary

TechPubs, LLC, d.b.a .EduSelf Inc. has more than 35 years of experience in government projects, in the fields of, technical writing, translations, training programs, training aids, IETM (Interactive, Electronic Technical Manuals) and CBT (Computer based training). We specialize in government products and provide work in both English and can support any other language.

The Company is an American Corporation and has been a vendor of various USA manufacturers for more than 35 years. As ISO-9001 certified. In 35 years we created about 1 Million pages.

Some of our past and present customers are:

  F16, F4E-IMS

  F15, F16, F4E-2000 & CH-53 Helicopters

  Blackhawk Helicopter

  Lockheed Martin, Loral Fairchild

  UTC Norden Systems,

  BAE (Marconi Integrated Systems),

  ITT Night Vision,

  Precision Remote,


  Harper Collins Publishers,

  DRS Sustainment Systems

  Alliant TechSystems (ATK),


  Textron TMLS,

  L-3 Combat propulsion Systems,

  Globecomm Systems,

  Oshkosh Baldor Generators,

  Talley Defense Systems,

  Smiths Detection,

  Navistar International.


  Dewey Electronics Systems

TechPubs is a well-known leader in technical writing, translations, training programs, IETM and interactive multimedia fields.  As a full-service developer and producer, TechPubs combines the skills of expert engineers, technical writers and translators, as well as instructional designers, to create innovative presentations, user’s and maintenance manuals, IPB catalogs, IETM and many other products (listed in the next page).TechPubs expertise extends from the initial concept to the finished product.  We are a one-stop-shop for delivering comprehensive technical publications and interactive multimedia products.

As a vendor you have probably noticed that doing business with any international customer requires some adjustments to the local standards, methodology, format, work culture, and business processes.

TechPubs, in addition to providing you with the best professional service, is also an expert in leading this type of project, understanding the mentality of both sides, with a technical liaison acting as your partner and advisor throughout the project.

Mario & his daughter Ifat reviewing the 1F F4E-2000 (Super Phantom Aircraft Technical manuals), 1997

Product list

  Operator’s Manuals

  Flight Manual

  Instructor’s Manuals

  Maintenance Manuals – from level A up to Depot level

  Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB)

  Power Point & Transparencies

  IETM (Interactive , Electronic Technical Manuals)

  Video presentation & animation

  Interactive Training on CD-ROM & Online

  Know-how Package

  Programming and Software

  Training aids

  Trainee’s Manuals



Specification, NAICS:

1.  541990- General Tech publication

2.  541930-Translation

3.  561410-Document preparation


4.  541330-Engineering Services

5.  511130-Book Publication

6.  541134-Technical Drafting

7.  541690-I.E.T.M

Translation, Technical Writing, IPB, Training aids & Multimedia-general S.O.W.

‏‏‏1.      Receipt of materials on CD, visit the customer plant if required, getting data and review the equipment.

2.      Reading and comprehension of the technical material and its implications by technical writers (engineers).

3.      Preparation of end-user's glossary, preparation of detailed table of content, localization rules (Culture, Weights,
   Sizes, Temperatures),  preparation of templates according the end user format,

4.      Preparation of work plan according to customer timeline and other needs.

5.      Performing the technical writing, translation, and training material according the above rules.

6.      Programming in SGML, XML & .CGM

7.      Drafting, scanning & tracing of photos, drawings & graphics, inserting translated terms into graphics and drawings.

8.      Editing, proofreading, and formatting.

9.      Technical Quality Assurance (TQA) by a senior technical-writer (engineer).

10.    Preparation and delivery of a first draft for customer review.

11.    Receipt and incorporation of customer remarks on first draft.

12.    Preparation of camera-ready copy.

13.    Final Technical Quality Assurance (TQA).

14.    Final Format Quality Assurance (FQA).

15.    Delivery to customer the final product

We appreciate your business and looking forward to the opportunity of meeting with you in order to further explore and discuss your needs; please visit our website – www.techpubs1.com.

Best Regards, Mario N Hallphone

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