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Carmeli Kaspi, Coach and Motivational Speaker, Author of the book:  My name is Flame
Was born as one of eighteen brothers and sisters in her family, in the legendary, biblical city of Ashqelon, Israel, where Samson and Delilah’s biblical,  mythological event took place. Growing up in such a big family, enriched her childhood with adventures and experiences that shaped her personality and ways she observed people’s lives and behaviors. Carmeli studied stage performance at “Beth Tzvi” Academy of Performance Arts in Israel, She performed as lead singer and vocalist all over Europe and the USA. In 1997 she founded "ME-אני workshops and helped people change their lives. Since then she is coaching variety of groups and individuals all over the East Coast. In 2005 she founded "Carmeli Studio" multimedia and productions. Carmeli was very much inspired by New Age authors through her life and she graduated a couple of workshops by "Humanication Organization, with Yiftach Sagiv, the owner & founderas her coach and mentor. She also studied Dale Carnegie's workshop: "
How to Win Friends and Influence People" in New York C. contact: carmeli@empoweringworkshops4u.com

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Retail price: $19.95 (shipping and handling inside USA: $5.25) Total price: $25.20

‎“I am Flame”
By: Carmeli Gadiel Kaspi

Lehava, feels she has to jump of the rollercoaster of her ‎stormy marriage, before it will be too late! She is ‎petrified! She is afraid for her life.
Lehava struggles with herself trying to make the right ‎dictions, she is a pretty woman in her early 40, very ‎smart and talented, finds many men as well as women are ‎attracted to her. She is a married woman with 3 children, ‎Lehava is married to Eden, an excruciatingly handsome ‎and charismatic man, whom she loves so much, but yet, ‎she feels he is her worst enemy. Eden, she believes, is ‎mentally disturbed who loves her in a sick way, and yet, ‎intensely hates her at the same time.
They are both miserable. While she succeeds at her work ‎place; he fails to keep a job for a long time. They don’t ‎agree about anything in their marriage and in between the ‎sparkles of love they still have for each other drive them ‎to bring 3 beautiful, healthy children to the world. Still, ‎their relationship is mixed with love and hate, full of ‎competition and jealousy. ‎
For Lehava it seems that there is no way out. She feels ‎abused and miserable.
She doesn’t know what to do, to live with Eden for the ‎sake of her young children, and burry the suffering deep ‎inside her soul, or to escape and begin a new life, Life ‎she knew before she got married. ‎
As a young girl, even though she lost her mom at ‎young age and her elder sister never took her mom’s ‎place, on the contrary, she left home and left little lehava ‎behind. Lehava knew what she wants to be. She always ‎knew what to do. She was self confidence and never gave ‎up her dreams and goals. Although her early childhood ‎was far away from living in paradise, Lehava grew to be ‎a strong, assertive and successful woman. ‎
The attachment she had to her mother was ‎emotionally very powerful; the memories of her mother ‎affected her life in every aspect. But the wound she ‎carried since age of 10 due to the death of her mother just ‎grew throughout the years, but she buried it deep in her ‎heart, until she became a mother herself. ‎
But now, at the age of 40, she is not sure about anything ‎anymore... she feels unloved, abounded, with no much ‎urge to live... feels like a Withered flower.‎
She can hardly recognize her self, Friends telling her she ‎is depressed; but all she knows is that she feels extremely ‎sad and very lonely. Happiness is nowhere to be found, ‎she has no mother or mentor to advise her, Friends can ‎not replace her mom that she loves so much! She misses ‎her desperately. One thing Lehava knows for sure – she ‎must act! The situation is being dangerous to her and her ‎kids. ‎
She knows she must find out who is the crazy one here - ‎her husband Eden or her. Who is responsible for this ‎cluttered marriage? Who will pull the trigger first?‎
Both, Eden and Lehava are afraid of each other, ‎both become paranoids. Eden believes Lehava is insane ‎and wants to kill him by poisoning his food. Lehava feels ‎exactly the same about Eden! She is even more scared, ‎because of past event that almost took her life. But she ‎strongly knows she wants to live! She has three kids for ‎God’s sake!!! Lehava was once there, she almost got ‎killed by her boyfriend before shutting her heart 3 times ‎with a gun shot! It was a miracle she survived! ‎
She can’t let it happen again. She must run and now!‎
She takes an extreme step, a minute before the atrocity, ‎she disappear with her 3 children finding a place at a ‎women’s shelter, well hidden from everyone. She is ‎looking for comfort and seeking for help, as well as many ‎women who are staying there. She doesn’t know it yet, ‎but these 3 months are going to change Lehava’s life for ‎ever!‎
In the 3 months she spends there, Lehava meets ‎amazing beautiful souls with heart breaking, astonishing, ‎chilling stories, which their lives are in real threat. All ‎these women, including her are dealing with fears, tears ‎and agony, not knowing what the future will be like for ‎them and their children. ‎
Forcing her self to look at the mirror and see the ‎truth, Lehava feels that she is in a journey to her inner-‎self, to find the Lehava she knew, the happy, beautiful, ‎talented, loving girl that she lost along the way. ‎
Surprisingly, these women identify the real Lehava very ‎quickly. Unofficially, they crown her to be their leader, ‎their spiritual advisor and mentor.‎
Lehava finds herself helping other women to heal ‎their wounds, stand up for their rights, spread their wings ‎and fly away…‎
But, what about the lost Lehava she needs to find? Still, ‎she has a big wound in her heart, she has to start picking ‎up the pieces and rebuild her life again.‎
She purifies her soul, through a catharsis. Her experience ‎in the shelter helps her resolve so many problems she had ‎till now. Lehava finally understands – her real happiness ‎is deep inside of her! It was always there! And nobody ‎could take it away from her, except her self…‎
She learns to love herself, and finds it’s the greatest love ‎of all. She gets rid of all the monsters and demons she ‎endorsed for so many years. Bringing, love, light and ‎beauty back to her soul. Lehava understands she didn’t ‎run away from Eden, she run away from herself! ‎
Now she knows she is strong enough to save her ‎marriage, to help Eden the man she loves so much and ‎not so long ago, thought he was the source of all the “Via ‎Delarosa”, she was going through. She is not afraid ‎anymore! She begins to live in harmony with herself, ‎peacefully and powerfully. ‎
In spite of all the warnings she gets from the ‎shelter's management, she decides to go back home.


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