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Our happy and grateful participants in their own words:

This workshop has taught me a lot. Carmeli Kaspi has shed light on things that I have never thought about before.
-Rebecca Higgins, Queens NY
Communication Skills

No words to express my gratitude…connection with these women was amazing, rich, powerful…
This course exceeded my expectations!
-Tamara B. Queens, NY
The 7 Chakras

I was inspired and touched by the passion and love the coachers have to each and one of the students, the strength they filling them with, the tools, the energy - it's a new begining...
-Robert Jackobson, Wayne, NJ
Improvisation - Dynamic Group

Carmeli came to the class like a magical fairy . Equipped with tons of positive energy , a broad smile and a vast knowledge makes all the lemon into lemonade through a combination of initiation and acquired skills .
Each class hosted by Carmeli was enlightening and enriching experience - in terms of content and method of submission . I must admit that at first I felt scared but soon she started, she was so fascinating, funny and with so much good vibes, that I totally forgot what i was afraid of... And so I continued to walk safely long after the class is over. A good guide is a guide which allows a student to look at an image and let him choose what he wants to see . In my case the workshop strengthened me and brought me to believe in my powers and abilities, to exercise my artistic painting skills. Thank you Carmeli Kaspi. you are my guide for life!
-Etti Bar, Long Island NY
A journey into the Woods
, The 7 Chakras, Improvisation.

Carmeli's beautiful personality , is fascinating , exciting and funny . In all the workshop she lectured for our organization, (between 40 to 50 participants) they enjoyed every minute of it ! They took with them the tools and insights to life from each session. Every time class ended, they asked for more and when is going to be the next time ...
-Aviva Mousaioff, Ten Li Yad Organization, Queens, NY
The 7 Chakras, A journey to the woods, Laughter Yoga

I met Carmeli over two decades ago . We were neighbors in Givatayim, Israel.  I was a young mother of two young children . My husband and I climbed the walls to support our family. Hard work , children and concerns of livelihood and stuff . I remember i was a bundle of nerves , nervous and grouch ... was i happy? very far from it . And one day Carmeli just begged me to participate in her workshop . I told her I could not afford  pay the amount and she told me that  money won't be the issue , and I can come for free . All she wanted to see that I'm willing to change my life and become a happy person. I was very skeptical regarding the workshop , and I attended only out of respect to her. My life changed since then drastically for the better . for  the workshop I sent my husband, my sister in-law and two coworkers.
-Mazal Klein, Givatayim, Israel
Me-Ani Workshop, Communication Skills

Another empowering workshop with Carmeli Kaspi, we were fascinated by her lecture, about love and good communication, we lit a candle, it was so spiritual and vibrant. Thank you for lighting up our days.
-Orit Feingleman,Miami, Florida
Communication Skills.

It was beautiful and educational - a wonderful experience for my friends and I.
-Denise Cohen, NY
Communication Skills.

I learned to communicate with my autistic son, After years of frustration and agony, we finaly made peace with each other. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-Barbara Colins, Queens,, NY
A Journey to the woods

It was beautiful and educational - a wonderful experience for my friends and I.
-Denise Cohen, NY
Communication Skills.

Carmeli did a fantastic job of bringing to life how the lessons learnt as an elite athlete can be transferred into the work place to help cope with the constant pressure and change we face...
David Margolin, NJ

I highly recommend Mrs.. Carmeli Kaspi, A Motivational Speaker to your corporate offices, companies, schools, and any workplace that has teams. Wih her pleasant lectures, bright thinking and wonderful stories, she open people's mind and soul, to think out the box, to reconnect to ones inner self, and bring it home. our staff of 42 teachers and assistants had a breakthrough since we participated in her workshops, we can see the difference in the students behavior, as soon as we used the tools she taught us. Every single tool worked!!! With much appreciation we thank you.
-Amanda Kann , Jerry Hopkins School, FL
Communication Skills.

"I highly recommend Anna to speak in front of any group - she presents her stories and experience with humor, determination and focus...   
Kyle Venecia, Tenafly, NJ          


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